Menu (Die Speisekarte) 

Here's a taste of what's being served at Currywurst Frankfurt.

Vom Feinsten!

Handmade Sausages (Die Wurst)

Currywurst Original

Kielbasa (Polish)  
Spicy Wurst (Andouille)  
Jalapeño Cheese Wurst  
Veggie Wurst (Vegan)  
Turkey Wiener  



"All above Items served with Fresh Baked German Roll, Imported Sauerkraut / Red Cabbage, Daily Fresh Grilled Onions & Different Kinds of Mustard"

Gourmet Grilled Cheese

Philly Steak   


Chicken Gyros  
Classic + Fries (Kids)  

"We are using Gourmet Whole Wheat & Sourdough Bread, High Quality Cheeses"




Berlin (Protein Style) NO FRIES!  
Veggie (Vegan)  



"Most of our plates served with French Fries & / or a Fresh Baked German Roll'

Fries (Die Pommes)

Smoked Bacon Fries  
Philly Steak Fries  
Original Curry Cheese Fries  
German Honey Mustard Onion Fries  
Garlic Cheese Fries   


Curry (Das Curry)

"We use Madras Curry with a Mix of Secret ingridients." 

Bread Roll (Das Brötchen)

"Daily Fresh Baked German Rolls. Crusty, Crispy Outside & a Soft Fluffy Inside"

Sauces (Die Saucen)

"Special Dipping & Topping Homemade Sauces from Scratch"

*Spicy Mayo and The German Honey Mustard Onion Sauce are the Most Favorite ones*

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